9 heavily edited photos: Michael Palin


How would you like to die?

John Cleese: Slowly and happily.

Terry Gilliam: Asleep, like my uncle in the front seat. Not like the kids laughing in the back.

Michael Palin: Laughing.

Eric Idle: Of laughter. (When I tell him that was also Palin’s answer, he says, “Hopefully at the same joke.”)



Naomi’s top five favourite Flying Circus episodes (ft. her favourite Python) 1:

How Not To Be Seen, S2E11.

A lot of people get rigid as they get older because they think they should be ‘wise’. But the child in us, the source of playfulness and joy – that’s the source of all the loveliest things in life. The most creative people have this childlike facility to play. I do. But one or two of my friends think of me a little bit as ‘not grown up’. And I realise how trapped they are in the need to be grown up – which I’ve never felt.”


Bow to your kings, mortals.


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